L5R Hare Clan Campaign

Episode 17 -- A Tale of Two Crematoriums

Masuhiro’s version:

Awaken in a small room by myself. Looks like a food storage room or something similar. Am called to talk to Usagi Tobei, as I find out we are in his home. He begins to interrogate me and ask questions about what I was doing yesterday night and why I was where I was. I assume that he had already interrogated my cousin Hotaru already and tried to answer the questions without revealing anything or lying. He ask what we doing in the fields that late at night, and I responded that we were following up on some information about the human sacrifices with the Nezumi coin. Usagi Taro was also in the room doing who knows what. He asks if I know where the Nezumi was and I said I did not. He says I don’t understand what is going on in the clan but it is for the best. He asks me if I knew who I killed. I said I did not. He proceeds to ask me to complete a task. He gives me a box and tells me to bring it to the crematorium to cremate. I assume its the ninja we killed and ask who it is. He responds that it is my father, Usagi Yodo that we killed. He continues on with the story.

Yodo was a scorpion plant into the clan. Yodo was a skilled Shinobi at birth planted into the clan to relay information back to the Scorpions. He was actually working for the clan as a double agent; giving false information to the Scorpion while passing anything he got to the Hare. He was also the shinobi that we saw steal the sword and placed the blame on the bodyguard Zenko (probably hired him too). There was only ever one shinobi and it was my father. I was stunned. Who knew he had it in him. His whole charade with being stupid and clumsy was all a trick. He was the one who poisoned Ryo when he accidentally spilled tea on him.

I was asked to cremate the remains and then put them into the family shrine. I do so, while gathering his daisho and kimono for the family shrine. When I look into his stuff, I find the ball and chain and shinobi outfit under his bed. I leave it alone. I take the remains, cremate them and take them to the shrine and say a prayer.

Return back to Tobei. He informs me that I am to be a guest at his house, but cannot leave. From the interrogation, it appears that he has not found the Nezumi.

Later in the day, Tobei has made contact with the group sent to get the Nezumi gold through Usagi Taro. My mother is not happy what has happened, but will let Tobei do what is best for the clan. I also hear that Sukune has fallen in battle during the mission. Tobei is not happy. Taro goes over what we need to do. Apparently the Crab who were sent to deal with the Bloodspeaker has not returned. We are to gather a force of Hare and investigate and kill the Bloodspeaker if necessary. We get a small force of 6 Usagi and 2 Ujina samurai. We travel to the crematorium at night and get there at dawn. On the way, we find one of the Crab warriors, but he has turned undead. We put him down. We get to where the bloodspeaker is and he has already raised a sizeable undead force of around a dozen, 6 outside, 6 inside. We defeat the ones outside and go inside the temple. One of the onese we defeat outside was Kuni Zechin. May he rest in peace. We go inside and there are 6 more with Joe-san an undead and 5 more peasants hanging bleeding from the wall. We battle and manage to defeat the bloodspeaker and the zombies but not before 2 samurai fell. I delivered the killing blow with the sword on the bloodspeaker and I kill the 4 peasants who have been crippled and blinded by the bloodspeaker to end the curse of the sword (?).

TO DO Next Session:
1.) Find out who to trust. Everyone has an agenda, but whose agenda matches up with the Hare clan ideals?
2.) Find out why the bloodspeaker was let out in the first place.
3.) What is the significance of the coins? Try to find the Nezumi for more information.

Episode 16: Roasted Ninja and a Heap of Trouble


So I went and found Riyo and he went and hid the Nezumi somewhere in the Tea House. Afterwards we went to track down where my cousin had gone to. On the way we did encounter 2 guards so we made them wait a bit further out before approaching our final desitination. We noticed that there was a tunnel leading down and that’s when we find my cousin coming out from the bushes. While discussing on how to go down, I notice that one of the guards was knocked down and that a dart had hit Riyo. Right away I slapped the dart out and he started to get weak. I then told him to hide and my cousin jumped down the hole with me following him after casting a spell. While down there I quickly breathed out to light up the area only to find nothing. I then light up one of the stools to get some more light and then my cousin finds the Ninja hiding on the ceiling. He then drops down and grapples with me and my cousin then strikes him allowing me to breath on him which causes him to blow up. By that time we notice that there was people waiting for us up top so I use my Void spells to check who it is. It turns out to be Yogo, the Air Shugenja and the one guard that we brought along. I then peacefully climb up and was bound and gagged, hooded and taken to a hidden jail as we had to be floated up.

Masuhiro’s version:

Left off last at the top of the trap door. He is trying to tell me to leave and not deal with him. He says he might be important, he might not. While trying to figure out what to do, someone appears. I hide until I see who it is. It is Ryo, Hotaru and 2 guards. Ryo starts to head down the trap door. I come out of hiding and he comes out but not before he is hit with a poison dart. Hotaru treats his poison and then we head down the trap door. Down below was a small cavern… And the ninja. We manage to defeat him, but barely. He was completely roasted. Inside the small room, we find a meeting room and shrine with the bowl and nezumi coins being in the offering bowl. Now, someone is above the trap door and brings us out. It is Yogo and Usagi Taro with number of others. They take us to a prison in one of the house s in town.

1.) Find out who we killed.
2.) Find out about the conspiracy.

Episode 15: There are ninjas everywhere!

So after coming out from my Dream walking, Osamu then asks me if there was something I wanted to tell him. It turns out that he knows about the Phoenix in town. I tell him that he should take care walking around town.

We spent the following night in the local in and left the morning after. After arriving home I started studying some more of Atama‘s research and found out that there is a lantern that would possible help bridge the gap between the realms. Usagi Masuhiro then asks me to help him to investigate some missing people. It turns out that there’s a family that hasn’t returned from there trip north and it just so happens to be near the shrine where the Bloodspeaker was suppose to be trapped. Right away I ran straight to Usagi Tobei and reported my findings. His eyes widen and says that he will have to accelerate his plans and goes off to talk with the Crab clan. He tells me to bring my cousin to investigate another village with the missing father and so we did. There we found the missing person dead staked to the ground again with the strange writing on his body. We take a copy of the writing over to Usagi Tobei and asked him if he understood the writing. Even though he claims to not understand it, I could tell that he was lying. Then I went and talked with Ujina Riyo and told him what had happened and provided him with a copy of the writing as well. He then tells me to come see him later that night in the Tea House.

As my cousin and I approach the Tea House, I noticed that someone was sneaking into the Crab Clan home. After telling my cousin, he left to pursue the intruder while I continue to the Tea House. Upon arriving, I tell Ujina Riyo about the current situation and he tells me to go after my cousin and if we’re not back in 10 min, we would have to continue at another time. So I catch up to my cousin and cast my spell so that we wouldn’t be hear coming or going. Entering into the main hall, in the dark we see a figure thrashing around but stopped as soon as he saw us enter. I then summoned the fire spirits to light the candles in the room and it turned out to be someone dresses up like Zenko. The Ninja then jumps past the 2 of us and my cousin managed to catch up to him and slash him in the back while I healed the Ratling. I then escorted the Ratling out to the Tea house and told him to hide here until I came back for him. I tried to follow the tracks to find my cousin but fail to go anywhere…

Masuhiro’s version:
After the session with the monk, and beating Usagi Sukune in both GO and sparring. In the evening, my cousin enter my dream and tries to decipher what my dreams mean.

In the dream, I am in the town where we fought the frog and Hinote (deceased). The frog is at my feet and Hinote (deceased)’s wagon is 40 ft away from me. I head to the wagon, and enter it. It is pitch black except for the light that is shining on a tombstone with a statue of a crow on top. AN offering bowl is there. I put my sword on the offering bowl and some biscuits. Nothing happens. It starts to get dark outside and then my throat is slashed by a figure. I awaken.

I came back from Ujina town with Usagi Hotaru and Usagi Sukune. Usagi Hotaru reports to Usagi Tobei what happens while I was called to the palace. My mother, Usagi Hiroko informs me
that I am to join an expidition of 30 samurai to go to the Shinoman Forest to retreive the clan’s Nezumi coins. They are located in a Nezumi “temple”. The reason for the move is to get the coins away from bandits. This “temple” might be the one that Ryo said not to go to. A number of other samurai were going to. No easy way to get out.

I go talk to Ryo about this. He tells me not to go or I will have to die. He tells me to find a way. I think about it and can only think of one way to not make it obvious. I decide that we go on an evening run and I accidentally on purpose fall off the edge of the embankment near the waterfall and fall down. The old master runs with me and he is the witness as I accidentally on purpose fall off the edge. I almost die and fall unconscious.

I am in a dream state again. I am at the waterfall. The sun is moving quickly overhead. I know what to do. I run to the shrine. There is a statue of a crow and an offering bowl. I cut my hand and drop some blood into the offering bowl. Some blood falls in and poof Hinote (deceased) appears. He tells me he can answer some questions but there is a cost for each question he answers. He tells me that there is something at the temple that would’ve killed his spirit if I went. He doesn’t know what it was and he doesn’t know what is affecting the clan, but it stems from the temple. He also says that he is not dead but alive in spirit in this realm. Do not go to the temple he says. To contact him, I just have to go into dream state wanting to contact him. The cost for answering all these questions is that I must kill 5 people with his sword, with 1 a month until 5 are dead. I then awaken in a much weakened state because of the fall. A punctured lung and some fractures have left me with a much reduced stamina. Apparently my cousin saved my life.

I spend the next few days recovering. Usagi Sukune has replaced me on the trip to the “temple”. After recovering for a few days, some peasants contact me about the animal attacks. A peasant in town E has his uncle missing and in town C, a family is missing (merchants). I am planning to head out to investigate and need permission from my father, but he says no. However my cousin somehow convinces him to change his mind and we head to town E, the one to the west. We head there with some of Ryo’s house guard and talk to the peasant boy. We look for his uncle and find out he has been staked with stuff written on his body and offering bowl with nezumi coin nearby. We copy the text and return to Usagi town. Ryo contacts me and wants Hotaru to go through with the toture test. We decide to meet up at midnight in scorpion inn. Before we get there, my cousin spots someone entering the crab residences. They left during the day heading north towards town c , which is near the bloodspeaker and lantern. Not sure why but Tobei may have tipped him off. I head towards the residence and find out who went in. I am joined at teh door of the residence by my cousin. We head in to where the Nezumi is. He is being choked by someone. Another NINJA! My cousin lights the room and now that the ninja is seen choking the Nezumi, he tries to escape. With a herculean effort, I manage to hit him once as he is jumping out the window. He escapes out the window up onto the roof adn out. I track him towards the waterfall and in some bushes there I find a trapdoor. I open it and head down into the darkness…. I get to the bottom and walk down the hallway slowly. A ball and chain wizz by my head in teh darkness. Even in full defence I barely avoid being hit. I avoid being hit a few times and realize that I am no match for him. I withdraw back up the ladder and out the trapdoor, waiting just outside the trapdoor to see if he comes out….

Things to do in the next session:
1.) Find out what is down there and where it leads.
2.) Find my cousin to get help.
3.) Kill the bloodspeaker.
4.) Kill someone legally to quench the thirst of the sword.
5.) Have cousin take the torture test.
6.) Figure out what to do with the temple.

Episode 14: Keep your friends close,.. and your enemies closer
An exercise in trust

So I’m with Yogo the Burned and we decided to take turns keeping watch in case we get attacked by more mutant animals. Yogo the Burned volunteers to take the first watch so I went to sleep. I wake up in what looks like the garden of my home before my family died. As I looked around, I felt myself being pulled to the well. As I drew closer to the well, the pull became stronger, unable to pull away. When I finally reach the well, I see a body floating on top. I turn the body around and it turns out to be my young sister who drowned. Suddenly her eyes opened showing her milky white pupils and spoke to me. “You’re a bad man.” After saying those words, she crumbles into dust. It is then that I wake up and notice that Yogo the Burned is standing over me slapping me. Apparently I had been chanting for the past few hours and he was not able to wake me. It seems that I was using my void spell and entered my own dream when I was sleeping. After waking up, it was my turn to keep watch till morning.

In the morning we went back to town and on the outskirts we were going to split up and enter at different times and entrances but was spotted by the Usagi master who was out for his morning run. Returning home, I cleaned up and prepared for breakfast. Over breakfast I decided to tell my cousin, Usagi Masuhiro, of what transpired over night. Next thing you know I’m heading towards the temple with Usagi Sukune and my cousin. He then decides to blab it all out so Sukune and I have a standoff as we don’t even know what’s going on. We finally arrive at the temple after all the cards are layed out and so I proceed to talk to the monk to help me dive into my dreams and there I find myself on the night that my family ran off on the ship. I notice that Zenko was the one who blew up the ship and I tried to save my sister but remembered that was not how the event went so I let the dream play out and she drowned…

Masuhiro’s version:

Upon hearing about the “True Hare” from Usagi Oteki and Ujina Riyo, I am intriqued, but skeptical. How can ones parents be working against the clan? I ask for proof, ready to turn them into the current inquisitor Usagi Tobei if things don’t add up. They produce a map of all the mutant creature occurences in the empire and then overlay a unofficial account. Most of the occurences are occurring in the Hare lands. If this was truly known the major clans would come and crush the clan. Interesting, but still not enough. I then ask about the origins of the True Hare from Usagi Oteki. He says that his father, Usagi Ozaki started it because of a lie his inquisitor (Ozaki’s brother) was caught in. For a clan that has no secrets, it is keeping too many. He also asks if I found anything amiss about the clan. I said only the whole sword incident was very strange. Too neatly wrapped up. After showing me the map, I start having some doubts about where the clan is headed, but not ready to completely believe them, but willing to give them a chance as it is the former clan leaders son who is there. Also Scorpion tea master is part of the True Hare, providing information when needed. But he has disappeared. The scorpion have helped the True Hare in what they are doing. I am now on the fence about what to do. I won’t pick sides but provide some information to help them. I mention to them about what the Crab are looking for and the Nezumi they have. I also mention about the rogue void shugenja that the phoenix are looking for and that it was the monk in Ujina town. I will mention some things but not a lot as I don’t know who to trust right now. MOTTO of “Trust no one” is pretty much the case here.

Now, we end the talk and go our separate ways. They leave before I do and it is a small crawlspace under the Scorpion Tea House. Mott the torturer is still there picking up his instruments. I ask him why he works for the True Hare even though he is the clans’ main torturer. He replies that he works for the good of the clan and if that means working for the True Clan so be it. I now understand and am now leaning towards supporting the True Hare. Also mentioned is that there is a “Temple” where Hare go in and then they change from be normal Hare to converted Hare who keep secrets. If you ever go into the “Temple” you will be killed by the True Hare.

I have a dream now. I awaken in my room. A crow has left crumbs on me and flew out the window. I look outside and see a winter morning. But something is amiss. The sun is rising where it normally sets and it is eerily quiet. I go out of my room to look for a servant. I see someone in a white mask charging at me. I knock him down and rip off his mask. It is Sakune! His face and body melts and I am left with nothing. I run out of my house and outside, everything is wrong. Time is moving quickly but backwards. I run towards the temple. I see another man with a white mask trying to attack me. I run to the temple and it is a temple with a crow statue and an offering bowl. Don’t know what to do and run towards the palace. An oni with a white mask is now chasing me to the Palace gates. I climb over them into the courtyard. It is not starting to get dark. Very very dark. I awaken in a cold sweat. It is late evening. Go get water and back to sleep.

The next morning, I meet up with Hotaru for lunch. He tells me something that changes everything. He tells me about his mission with Yogo the Burned authorized by Usagi Tobei. They went to buy a Bloodspeaker from some ronin. Used the Nezumi coins to pay the ransom fee. Got into a fight and killed one of our kidnappers previously kidnapped us. Took the Bloodspeaker to a crematorium where the stone lantern is located. Bloodspeaker dropped off and then trapped in the creamtorium with lantern and lots of dead bodies. Looks like Yogo also killed the crab looking for the lantern.

I almost strike down my cousin right then and there after hearing he rescued and left alive a Bloodspeaker. I tell him to pack and be ready for a trip, and I head to see Ujina Riyo. I now truly believe that something is seriously wrong with the clan and that I can really only trust a few (True Hares (Oteki, Ozaki, and Riyo, and cousin) right now. No Hare would ever authorize a mission to save a bloodspeaker. I tell him what my cousin has told me and he’ll have to muster some resources. He recommends travel to Ujina town to prevent any evesdropping so that I can get all the information from my cousin. I decide that Hotaru needs to visit the monk to get more information about the whole rogue Void shugenja and learn more about him to confirm his identity. We do need a bodyguard, and I suggest to Usagi Tobei that he send his son, Usagi Sukune who can be trusted. He agrees and privately thanks me for saving his son’s honour in the bar yesterday. The whole reason I ask for Sukune is because “alcohol loosens one’s lips and reveals their true feelings”. His true feelings are that the clan are holding too many secrets, and that my parents are in on it and his father is too naive to realize it. This was said in the bar after many a sake drink.

I go to the dojo and get Sukune. I pass by Oteki and mention that Riyo wishes to have tea with him (ie talk to him). I get Sukune and Hotaru and myself ride out of town to Ujina town. After a while, I explain to Sukune what is happening. I ask him about whether he believes what he said in the bar was true. He stares deeply into me and is ready to strike me down. I tell him that I will tie my sword to my holster and if he doesn’t beleive what I say, he can strike me down and I would not resist. He listens.

I tell him about everything that is going on in the Hare clan lands the last while including the Bloodspeaker mission, the animal attacks map, the crab nezumi and lantern and coin quest, and the the rogue void shugenja. He listens and asks why I am telling him this. I say it’s because that he feels the same way that something is wrong. I don’t mention the True Hare, but that I got the information from some hare samurai.

Hotaru then asks about his father going south when we were spying on the trade meeting and that scorpion gatekeeper disappeared. Sakune responds that his father did travel south and loves natto. The plot thickens. Risa may be in on the whole thing to spy on us for Tobei. He also mentions that when returning from their mission, that they met Risa, Ton, and some other Hare samurai on patrol. Yogo told them to split up and they did. TRUST NO ONE. The bloodspeaker is trapped in teh crematorium, but is awake and alive. Told by Yogo, you know what to do.

It seems now that Sakune does believe us and is will to join forces with us. For now. I will introduce them to the True Hare, in time. Once they are also tortured to ensure that they are not one of them.

Sakune and I still will be rivals for appearances sake, but will be working towards the same goal.

I now truly believe that the True Hare may be the only way to save the Hare clan and that I support them over my parents. Things now change from Sakune and I being rivals to us being allies. One of the few I can trust.

Episode 13: Secrets, Lies, and Torture
As the plot sickens

So as Riyo wakes up and ask where his son is, Masahiro asks their servant to bring his sword in and proceeds to help him catch up on the events that have happened since he was poisoned. When the servant finally arrives, Masuhiro presents his sword and tell Riyo that his son was slain against the ninja attack. After that he tells us summon Ozaki’s son. We then finally retire for the night.

The next day, I started out with my usual routine of Tea Ceremony (which did not meet my expectations) and went downstairs for breakfast. It was then a servant gave me a request for an audience to see both the Crab and the Phoenix parties. After finishing breakfast, my cousin and I went to Usagi Tobei to seek further advice on how to proceed. When we arrive, I learn that he was going to summon me for something else. He informs me that he has a task for me and that it would take more then a day to accomplish so I should take care of any lose ends before heading out.

When we reach Kuni Zechin’s home my cousin and I greet the shadowy figure in the corner and Kuni Zechin. Basically they ask us if we had seen if there was a coin with a certain symbol on it. When I asked what symbol is on the coin, Kuni Zechin nods to the figure in the shadow and out comes a Nezumi (awwww, he has a small mouse as a pet on his shoulder) who spills a bowl of ashes and draws out the picture of the hidden coins that our clan has. I tell them that I will keep an eye out for it and Usagi Masuhiro, tells them to ask Usagi Tobei regarding the matter. Kuni Zechin then tells us that the Nezumi is a guest of the Crab clan, to which the Nezumi says, “Not a prisoner?” as we leave.

Next we went to see the Phoenix and as usual, it’s straight down to business. The courtier pulls out a map of the area and asks if there was any strange occurrences happening in any of the towns to which I said we would have to talk with the local magistrate to find out and once again, Usagi Masuhiro directs them to Usagi Tobei. I then asked for further details in what Atama was researching. They then told me that he was looking into ways to bridge between the realms. I then propose that if he might have succeeded in bridging between our realm and the animal realm. Even if he didn’t, maybe he can offer insight as to how to close the bridge in Kitsu no Shiro. They then gave me the documents of all the research they had manage to get and we proceeded back to see Usagi Tobei. On the way back I started looking through one of the documents and noticed that the calligraphy had somehow looked familiar. I then realize that it’s the same writing as the scroll that was given to me by the monk in the Ujina temple. The monk is Atama. We then quickly go back and report to Usagi Tobei with all our new findings.

After reporting to Usagi Tobei, he sends my cousin away and Yogo the burned comes in and they proceed to tell me that I should gather what I need and meet up with Yogo in 30 min by the stables and that I was not to tell anyone where I am going. I went back to my room to gather some things and ask the servants to prepare some food for travel and I go to the stables to meet with Yogo as instructed. On the road we encounter Usagi Ton, Usagi Sozen, Ujina Risa and some other Samurai. After some quick chatter between us, Yogo the Burned suggest in his Ronin way for them to split up and enter into town through different paths.

After that Yogo the Burned briefs me on what task lies before us. We are to ride to a town just outside of our lands and buy someone from a group of Ronins with a small chest full of gold and then take the said person to a shrine where we will leave him with a stone chest. He says that he expects that the inn where we are to meet will not be standing by the end of the encounter. As we enter the inn, we find the Ronins drinking and talking loudly. The large lead Ronin then greets Yogo the Burned and Yogo reciprocated with the only way the Ronins know how to talk. It is then that I notice that among them sat a Shugenja and it actually turned out to be my kidnapper that got away and I quietly whisper that fact to [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]]. After giving the Ronin the chest full of the Nezumi gold, the Ronin leader complains how he’s suppose to spend this funny looking coin. [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] then tells him that there is a Money lender in Jinosutra that would be able to exchange it for him. The Shugenja then tries to see my face but I keep on avoiding his line of sight and shouts that he wants to see my face. It is then that [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] tells me to keep them occupied so I say to him how I’m not dealing with him so it’s not important using my outside (batman) voice. After the Leader says how he’s dealing with me and he can see my face, he makes one final comment to [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]], Yogo finally completes his spell and breaths on him and I cast my Fires from with in, launching 2 fireballs, 1 towards my kidnapper and a second to one of the followers
which surrounded them with fiery goodness. The Leader then Iai strikes [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] and the other Ronins move in to strike while the Shugenja casts a spell off. I send two more fiery balls of goodness towards the Shugenja finishing him off even with an elemental ward put on himself and singe another Ronin. Another Ronin with their sword out strikes [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] pretty goods but he shrugs it off and continues to breath on everyone. One of the wounded Ronin then tries to strike me but was too wounded and misses completely. I then kick him in the nuts with such force (rolled 2 tens which added up to 36 or so) that his balls exploded. The Samurai that I hurt a bit then jumps out the window and the last one moves around [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]], tries to take the gold but stumbled on the stool where the gold was. [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] instructs me to go after the the Ronin that jumped out the window. After jumping out myself, I see that he’s trying to get over the crest of the hill but I strike him down with another happy ball of goodness and he falls over. I go over to him and finish him off and then I hear a lightning strike… followed by another. I then run back to the now burning in and I grab the scroll satchel of the dead Shugenja and see [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] scatter the gold coins all over the floor and I yell out, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?”. He then tells me that he wants it too look like a dispute over money gone wrong so then I strike the gold with lightning to help melt everything and we go out and [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] banishes the surround kami so that no one can commune with them to find out what happened. [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] then gets a cart that has someone bound in the back and we proceed to our final destination.

So on the way there I notice that the prisoner has lots of scars and cuts so it must be a Bloodspeaker. When we finally arrive at the shrine, I notice how there’s a strong smell of lime stone and how lime powder is everywhere. So it turns out that this place is a crematorium. I am then instructed to place the stone chest down and open it and I’m welcome to take a peak inside. Turns out that it’s the missing stone lantern the Crab was looking for. After bringing the prisoner in, [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] cut the bonds on him and says to him, “You know what to do”. I didn’t ask what the heck is going on so we just exit the place and [:yogo-the-burned | Yogo the Burned]] takes a war hammer (which happens to have the Crab mon on it) and smashes the columns to close the gate. I finally ask Yogo, “So what happened with the Crab around the dump?” to which Yogo responded with, “They asked too many questions.” We then rode off back home but had to set up camp for the night.

Matsuhiro’s version

We were still at Ujina Riyo‘s residence and he asked about his son, Ujina So (deceased). I stalled and told him the tale of what happened while I asked a servant to retrieve So’s daisho. I give Riyo his daisho set with head bowed. Riyo accepts quietly. He asks us to meet with him tomorrow night and tells us to give a message to Ozaki’s son to meet with Riyo tomorrow morning. I give him the message and then ask my father to request that we go to the fox lands to guard the portal to the animal realm. He thinks it is not a good idea.

Next morning, I talk to my mother to try to convince her. Request denied again. Then there is a request for us from the Phoenix entourage and Kuni Zechin. We meet with Kuni Zechin first. He introduces us to his friend at the crab, who is a Nezumi. They both want to know if we know anything about the Nezumi coins. I tell him that Tobi would be the best person to talk to.

Next up is the Phoenix entourage. They tell us that they are looking for a rogue void shugenja who could be around the Hare lands. They give Hotaru some scrolls that this shugenja wrote. We speculate that he might be responsible for the animal realm. The entourage asks if we know of any weird happenings within the clan. I mention the animal attacks and then that the best person to talk to would be Tobi. We then report our findings to Tobi.

In the afternoon, Sakune’s servant comes to me and asks if I know where Ton is. I don’t. He needs help with Sakune, who has gone on a drinking binge in the Bar after the announcements of samurai leaving for the Fox lands was announced. I say I will try to help Sakune save face. I go to the Sake House and talk to the bartender. I ask him not to bring anymore sake, but bring some food and tea. I sit next to Sakune.

He is angry that he was not part of the entourage to go to the Fox lands. I tell him he is more valuable he than there. Yes, he and I are rivals, but I still respect his skill. Just not his attitude. And I still think he would make a good clan samurai. Just not my friend.

He tells me that he should be there and that we should send the best, not just some. Also, too many secrets are held within the hare clan, considering the hare’s job is to reveal all secrets. I tell him that some secrets need to be held by the clan and he scoffs. He says that my parents are not running the Hare clan like the clan should be run (no secrets) and that his father is too naive to see that.

After he says that, I feel pity for him. THat he has deluded himself so much because of his hatred for me and my family that he has to say that and go into a drunken stupor. I tell him that I won’t leave until he stops drinking and that him driking like this stains his family honour. He agrees and stops drinking to sober up. I leave and see Ton coming in the distance. I tell Ton to go to the sake house and talk to Sakune. He needs someone to talk to who is not his rival.

Evening sets and I meet up with Ujina Riyo at the Scorpion Tea House. Hotaru is not available, so I meet with him alone. He is with Ozaki’s son and they serve me some tea that was poisoned with a sleeping agent. I pass out. I awaken and am tied to a wall. Riyo and Ozaki’s son are there with a torturer Mott. They torture me to answer some questions (questions asked will be add later) . I answer in the negative for the most part (Gold Temple?) and they release me. They tell me that they are the “True Hare” and that the current leaders are holding secrets and not working in the best interests of the clan.

Episode 12: Winter Court and Garbage Dumps

Hotaru’s Day

So like any other day, I start of with my usual routine of my Tea Ceremony but midway through the process a servant interrupts me. After deciding against burning him to a crisp,the servant informs me that the Phoenix had arrived and is waiting for me at the inn by the outskirts of town. So after getting dresses I head over to greet them. After meeting with them they first surprised me with the fact that they will be staying in the inn instead of the family guest rooms. They then tell me that they will require my assistance in capturing a renegade Void Shugenja that has made of with some valuable Void documents and possibly start up a Void cult.

After relaying the message to Usagi Tobei of the events I proceeded to talk about the Crab clan and their private request for help in searching the dumps. After deciding on our course of action I went and talked to the Kuni and asked for more information to search for the missing Samurais and how they were looking for a lantern. We then went to the dump and I used my void spell to search underground as the Void Kami suggested, getting disorientated and eventually finding the hidden bandit hideout but it was empty.

After coming back home we’re informed by some peasants that they found something weird in the fields. When on location we find a corpse tied to the ground that has been shredded by a large cat of some sorts. After concluding that it was an offering to a fortune of some kind we went hunting for the mutant cat in the forest. We track it to a small cave and proceeded to “smoke” it out but Mashuhiro notices last second that it was actually watching us the entire time just above the cave. It then jumped at Mashuhiro but he made a Iai strike that wounded. It then lashed out one last time before my cousin finished it out. After burning the corpse we then made our reports and proceeded back home.

During the time of court all the Clans gathered and a report came in that all the clans will be sending some Bushi to help contain the Spirit out break in the Fox lands. When the Clans were declaring their seasonal reports the Lions announced that unless Riyo, Masahuhiro and myself is handed over, there will be a blood feud with the Lion in the Spring time. As he finished with his announcement and started to leave, to everyone’s surprise the Miya courtier stood up and announced that he will be helping with the negotiations between the 2 clans which in will help delay the blood feud. After the meeting I thanked him for his help and proceeded home.

After getting home we’re told by servants that Riyo had finally awaken from his slumber. We go to see him and when we do, he first asks where his son is.

Matsuhiro’s version:

There was some peasants that came to visit me while I was training as a rank 2 samurai now. They heard about the edict on providing any information on the animal attacks. They said they found the old man from Town E and wanted me to investigate. I tell Tobai of where we are going, and head to town E. We find the old man tied down to the stake in the fields and dead. There was an offering bowl next to him and he had writing on his body. Inside the offering bowl, which the peasant took was one of the Nezumi gold coins held by the Usagi clan. Something ate part of his body and made the writing on his body unrecognizable. It looked like one of the mutant animals ate him. We follow the trail left by the cat back into the forest and slay it. Before slaying it, I noticed that the forest is quiet. Afterwards, the forest is lively again with forest noises. We take the body back to town and try to get the writings identified. Nothing is known about it.

Hotaru then decides for us to head back to the junkyard to look for the crab again. It was suggested that Sense Void be used to find out what happened to the crab. There is a hidden room found under the junkyard. I go down and search for anything of interest. It looks like a bandit hideout, and it is filled with water. The only things of interest was a crab mon and a missing lantern.

We return back to Usagi town and report our findings to the Kuni Zechin. We mention that the old man ritual might be involved. He asks about what coins were used. We lie that we didn’t know what happened to it. Then we returned to Tobi and reported our findings. He wants us from now on to report to him first before anyone else.

The winter court was convened and there was an announcement that there would be a blood feud between the Lion and Hare clans in the spring unless Ryo, myself and Hotaru surrender to the Lion Clan due to the death of Ninyo, the Lion champion’s brother and the Lion’s nephew. The Imperial guy Maya, comes out and announces that he will mediate the blood feud in the spring and put the blood feud on hold.
It is found that Ryo has awoken and we go to visit him and tell him of what has happened during the last few months. as we are talking, he asks about what has happened to his son….

Episode 11: The Birds

Masuhiro’s part:

Started with a request by my mother hiroko that i pick someone to go out and visit the towns and give them the edicts for the winter. I volunteer myself and ask that ton accompany me for the journey. This was done twofold. One was to learn more of the animal attacks firsthand at the various villages and two was to learn to become a better leader of the clan when it becomes my turn to be the clan leader. One part of this is to have better repute repore with the village elders. The second part is to learn more of the lands. I asked ton to come because I feel he is an up and coming samurai and is more leveled headed at times than myself.
She also asked me to keep an eye on my cousin Hotaru as she doesn’t trust him. I said I do and I would trust him with my life. Ton and I travelled to all the villages and gave them the edicts for the winter. Town B has a fish attacking a man upriver. Town C had a cat who was yeowing in the fields and turned out to a big cat. It looked dead in the field but turned into a big cat. Town E had a missing old man, with no trace. He enjoyed country side walks and hadn’t been see for a few days. Then we went to Ujina town and mentioned the edicts to the Ujina head too. Then I heard that Hotaru was in town and went to see him. He was meditating with the monk Atsuma outside of town. I see them overlooking a hole in the ground that contained a dead cow with crows eating the cow. I manage to sneak up to the Hotaru and Atsuma and escape without the crows attacking us. We head back to Ujina town and get some guards to see where the birds are. And I go to Usagi town to gather some reinforcements. I come back with reinforcements and formulate a plan so that we remove the mutant crow threat without any more loss of life and limb.
The plan is to have hotaru go into Sense Void form and find the crows and have them try to come and attack hotaru’s body. We have the body sealed up in the jail house and the samurai are stationed with the shugenja to defend the body. Ton is sent to protect Hotarus body. Hotaru finds the crows and the crows attack. We defend and succeed in destroying the crows, but many samurai were lost. Ton defends Hotaru’s body with his hands and singlehandedly kills the crows attacking the body.

Episode 10: Memorable and Mysterious Monks

Short session.

Matsuhiro view:

Went to the monestary to visit my uncle. Met with Aoi, the head monk there. Updated him on the goings on in the hare clan. Asked him to see if he can use his shrine/monk contacts to find any information about the whole mutating animals issue. Met with uncle and talked to him about everything that has gone on. He is surprised that Okikura family were traitors. Asked about his memory loss and he doesn’t remember anything. He was having nightmares but a travelling healer came by and his nightmares ended. Need to find out about the guy. Maybe an enemy of my cousin and I.

Episode 9: Wrapping up loose ends, or will torture be legal in Rokugan?

Logs should be worth 5 chips!

Matsuhiro’s telling:

We get back to Usagi-town victorious with the clan sword, clan coins and Zenko captured. I enter the Usagi-palace and speak with my mother. I tell her everything that has happened since we came back; Eriko’s information about finding Zenko, us subduing Zenko, and recovering the sword and coins. My mother explains to me what the coins represent. The coins were used mined in the past by the clan. They were used to help rebuild the clan after the fall. Only a select few families, including ours have access to the coins. She asks my cousin and I to guard Zenko throughout the night until Tobai arrives tomorrow morning to return the sword. Nothing really happened throughout the night. Tobai arrives and the torture begins. Tobai questions us about what happens. Zenko “reveals” under torture that the Okikura family was behind the theft of the sword because they wanted to discredit the Usagi family. The heads of the family were executed with Zenko and the three of the Okikura clan were exiled to the monestary of my uncle. The Scorpion tea shop owner who was supposed to meet me for a go game is gone. A mess was left on the table, where we were supposed to play go. Interesting that the scorpion left in a hurry. We found that the cure for ryo’s poison could be found south in the town at the castle of ____. By reputation it is the herbalist capital of the area. On the way there, we went to investigate the zechin missing Crab samurai at the junkyard. It appears the Crab samarai went there but they didn’t leave. Another mystery to solve. We got to the castle of______. dEscribed the symptoms to a herbalist and he supplied us with the cure and the instructions. we asked about the scorpion being there as the tea keeper was supposedly down here for shopping, but they were already there a few weeks ago. Where are they? ANother mystery. Went back to town.

Episode 8 -- Emo Duels and Chair Fu

Worth 2 chips (It should be worth 5 chips!).

So my cousin is once again falls in battle. At least he took the the beast down with before going down. So then the local magistrate bring me in for questioning since i was the only one still up. After answering a few questions I was released. Utamura then asks permission to send a letter telling of our status back to the Hare lands, which I permitted. During my cousin’s time in bed Utamura and I explored the town While Risa watched over Masahiro.

While walking around town we found out about the town loser, how there might have been other Hare clan members might have attended the meeting due to the Bento seller.

When my cousin finally wakes up, the Scorpion Magistrate brings him in for questioning. After he comes back we find out that our clan had sent the Kuni witch hunter down to investigate the Frogman attack and to escort us back home. Just before leaving, Zechin makes a deal with us to help him search for some of his missing kinsmen that went down to the Junkyard in exchange for letting us come home without being escorted. As we prepare to leave, the loser samurai confronts us at the front gate and challenges Risa to a duel. He claims that Risa is the one keeping him from his love and after taking what seemed like forever, Masahiro decides to take Risa’s place in the duel. He easily strikes him lightly and we quickly went home.

After my cousin reported in with his mother we returned to our home to find letters waiting for us. I got my responses back from the Imperial archives regarding Ninyo and what the picture on the Koku was. However, my cousin receives a letter from Eriko about how she has found Zenko in her town inn.

When arriving into town late at night, we meet up with Eriko at the local temple along with Utamaru. She then tells us how she noticed how the inn staff was bringing food downstairs and she followed after and discovered Zenko in a room downstairs. We then meet the local monk and he helps me concentrate my void spell and I went into the inn where Eriko described to me and I find Zenko still there and the sword was hidden underneath the floorboards. We then awoke the local guards to assist the assault on the inn. After giving instructions to the guards, we quietly moved in, got the inn staff out with arousing suspicion and waited in front of the door leading to Zenko. We crash through the door and catch Zenko by surprise as all he could do was drop his tea cup. Masahiro then uses his fancy pants attack and strike him hard while Eriko missed when Zenko spun his chair around to block and attacks Masahiro but it was deflected by Utamaru standing next to my cousin. Masahiro then strikes him again almost killing him. After the brief encounter the guards then move in as instructed. We find the sword under the floorboard and a chest full of the gold with the same picture as the one I was asked to investigate about. We take the gold, Zenko and the sword and start riding back home.

Matsuhiro’s version:

Still unconscious due to the wounds suffered from the battle with the “Hulk Hogan” frog. This was for a few days. Once I have awoken, Bayushi Joe inquires about what happened with Hinote (deceased). I tell him the details of what has happened, except 1.) why we went to visit him (I just said it was for clan business asking about a sword), 2.) The fact that he used blood magic to divine where the sword is, and 3.) I killed him because he asked me to. Bayushi Joe then says that I can’t leave the room until Kuni Zechin arrives to clear me that I don’t have the Shadowlands taint. I should also find out information about Hinote (deceased).

I rest for a few days until Kuni Zechin arrives. He scans me and I explain about the mutation of the frog and how it was similar to what happened in Usagi no Shiro. I also tell him about Hinote (deceased) and his view of what is causing the mutations. Something about the animal spirits taking over animals. He clears me of the taint, but I will have to be escorted by him north back into hare lands. My cousin then asks if I bought anything from the food vendor as one was asking. I said no, so there may be another hare member in the village. Also the person who told us to investigate the meeting at the Jade Bowl, Shoshi Kita has been reassigned as of the morning. Something is wrong here.

Before we travel back Kuni Zechin asks for a favour. In return for not escorting us in Hare lands, I will investigate some missing Crab samurai and their merchant entourage that went to the junkyard. I agree to this so we head back to the hare lands.

Trip back was uneventful. After getting back to Usagi No Shiro, we reported back to Usagi Hiroko. I recount our tale of what happened with Hinote (deceased) (minus the blood magic), and being kidnapped and that also Hinote (deceased) gave me a clue to finding the sword, but I won’t reveal it until I confirm his clue. I head back to my quarters and found 2 messages that were sent to me. One was from Bayushi Scorpion tea shop owner. He invited me to a game of GO at midnight. A second message was from Usagi Eriko. She said that she has found Zenko at Ujina-town.

We go to Ujina-town to investigate, and we confirmed Usagi Eriko story and Zenko is at the inn with the help of the monk. We get a plan to storm the inn with the help of the Ujina guards. They get the inn owners out, we storm down to the basement room where he is hiding and subdue Zenko. In his room hiding, there was a chest with the sword and some ancient coins from the clan. We head back to Usagi town victorious.


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