L5R Hare Clan Campaign

Episode 16: Roasted Ninja and a Heap of Trouble


So I went and found Riyo and he went and hid the Nezumi somewhere in the Tea House. Afterwards we went to track down where my cousin had gone to. On the way we did encounter 2 guards so we made them wait a bit further out before approaching our final desitination. We noticed that there was a tunnel leading down and that’s when we find my cousin coming out from the bushes. While discussing on how to go down, I notice that one of the guards was knocked down and that a dart had hit Riyo. Right away I slapped the dart out and he started to get weak. I then told him to hide and my cousin jumped down the hole with me following him after casting a spell. While down there I quickly breathed out to light up the area only to find nothing. I then light up one of the stools to get some more light and then my cousin finds the Ninja hiding on the ceiling. He then drops down and grapples with me and my cousin then strikes him allowing me to breath on him which causes him to blow up. By that time we notice that there was people waiting for us up top so I use my Void spells to check who it is. It turns out to be Yogo, the Air Shugenja and the one guard that we brought along. I then peacefully climb up and was bound and gagged, hooded and taken to a hidden jail as we had to be floated up.

Masuhiro’s version:

Left off last at the top of the trap door. He is trying to tell me to leave and not deal with him. He says he might be important, he might not. While trying to figure out what to do, someone appears. I hide until I see who it is. It is Ryo, Hotaru and 2 guards. Ryo starts to head down the trap door. I come out of hiding and he comes out but not before he is hit with a poison dart. Hotaru treats his poison and then we head down the trap door. Down below was a small cavern… And the ninja. We manage to defeat him, but barely. He was completely roasted. Inside the small room, we find a meeting room and shrine with the bowl and nezumi coins being in the offering bowl. Now, someone is above the trap door and brings us out. It is Yogo and Usagi Taro with number of others. They take us to a prison in one of the house s in town.

1.) Find out who we killed.
2.) Find out about the conspiracy.



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