L5R Hare Clan Campaign

Episode 17 -- A Tale of Two Crematoriums

Masuhiro’s version:

Awaken in a small room by myself. Looks like a food storage room or something similar. Am called to talk to Usagi Tobei, as I find out we are in his home. He begins to interrogate me and ask questions about what I was doing yesterday night and why I was where I was. I assume that he had already interrogated my cousin Hotaru already and tried to answer the questions without revealing anything or lying. He ask what we doing in the fields that late at night, and I responded that we were following up on some information about the human sacrifices with the Nezumi coin. Usagi Taro was also in the room doing who knows what. He asks if I know where the Nezumi was and I said I did not. He says I don’t understand what is going on in the clan but it is for the best. He asks me if I knew who I killed. I said I did not. He proceeds to ask me to complete a task. He gives me a box and tells me to bring it to the crematorium to cremate. I assume its the ninja we killed and ask who it is. He responds that it is my father, Usagi Yodo that we killed. He continues on with the story.

Yodo was a scorpion plant into the clan. Yodo was a skilled Shinobi at birth planted into the clan to relay information back to the Scorpions. He was actually working for the clan as a double agent; giving false information to the Scorpion while passing anything he got to the Hare. He was also the shinobi that we saw steal the sword and placed the blame on the bodyguard Zenko (probably hired him too). There was only ever one shinobi and it was my father. I was stunned. Who knew he had it in him. His whole charade with being stupid and clumsy was all a trick. He was the one who poisoned Ryo when he accidentally spilled tea on him.

I was asked to cremate the remains and then put them into the family shrine. I do so, while gathering his daisho and kimono for the family shrine. When I look into his stuff, I find the ball and chain and shinobi outfit under his bed. I leave it alone. I take the remains, cremate them and take them to the shrine and say a prayer.

Return back to Tobei. He informs me that I am to be a guest at his house, but cannot leave. From the interrogation, it appears that he has not found the Nezumi.

Later in the day, Tobei has made contact with the group sent to get the Nezumi gold through Usagi Taro. My mother is not happy what has happened, but will let Tobei do what is best for the clan. I also hear that Sukune has fallen in battle during the mission. Tobei is not happy. Taro goes over what we need to do. Apparently the Crab who were sent to deal with the Bloodspeaker has not returned. We are to gather a force of Hare and investigate and kill the Bloodspeaker if necessary. We get a small force of 6 Usagi and 2 Ujina samurai. We travel to the crematorium at night and get there at dawn. On the way, we find one of the Crab warriors, but he has turned undead. We put him down. We get to where the bloodspeaker is and he has already raised a sizeable undead force of around a dozen, 6 outside, 6 inside. We defeat the ones outside and go inside the temple. One of the onese we defeat outside was Kuni Zechin. May he rest in peace. We go inside and there are 6 more with Joe-san an undead and 5 more peasants hanging bleeding from the wall. We battle and manage to defeat the bloodspeaker and the zombies but not before 2 samurai fell. I delivered the killing blow with the sword on the bloodspeaker and I kill the 4 peasants who have been crippled and blinded by the bloodspeaker to end the curse of the sword (?).

TO DO Next Session:
1.) Find out who to trust. Everyone has an agenda, but whose agenda matches up with the Hare clan ideals?
2.) Find out why the bloodspeaker was let out in the first place.
3.) What is the significance of the coins? Try to find the Nezumi for more information.



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