Usagi Masuhiro

Bushi Hare clan member



1.) Does what is best for the clan
2.) Wants the clan to become one of the major clans
3.) Now truly believes that the clan is spiralling out of control(episode 14) and will support the True Clan in any way possible.
4.) Does not trust the scorpion due to their lies and deceit.
5.) Truly does trust his cousin with his life as we grew up together as children.
6.) Will not gamble due to that banishing his uncle and will admonish anyone who does gamble.
7.) Adheres to bushido as closely as possible. Will not kill unless attacked first. Will not kill innocents.
8.) Does not inherently trust anyone now. Only trusts Usagi Sukune, Usagi Oteki, Usagi Hotaru, and Usagi Ozaki, and Ujina Riyo
9.) Now does not trust Tobei at all, due to authorizing saving a bloodspeaker, and does not trust parents due to same thing.


Masuhiro was born under an unlucky star. Unlucky things just seem to happen to him. Born to Usagi Hiroko and father, he was raised to follow the tenets of bushido to the tee and to play an important role in the future of the Hare clan. Loves to tell stories of the exploits of the hare clan (as it will improve the profile of the clan) and can be found playing a game of go. Hates gambling because of what it did to his uncle and how it almost destroyed the clan.

Long term ambition is to bring honour to the clan and have it recognized in its rightful place as a major clan in the empire

One weakness he has is that he shows compassion towards the peasants. He views them as vital to the existence of the empire and will make sure no unnecessary harm will come to them.

Became friends with So after the incident with Nino.
Rival is Usagi Sukune, who thinks he is better than everyone when he isn’t… Actions speak louder than words. Masuhiro will back down and admit defeat when beaten by a more powerful adversary.

Usagi Masuhiro

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