L5R Hare Clan Campaign

Episode 3 - End of the Championship

Hotaru's side of the events

Duels, Shadowlands, and Ninjas, Oh my!

After the talking with the Kuni inquisitor regarding how it’s strange that there’s no residual taint was found, we started making our way back to the castle to prepare for the dinner that night. As we walked by the sake house there was 2 peasants drinking and talking. One of the peasant, inebriated starting talking loudly about how there’s wild dogs running around unchecked. Upon hearing this, I pressed him for more information and he pointed out on top of a hill where a pack of them was actually looking over the village. Remembering what my Phoenix Shugenja Master wrote to me about animals acting strange lately, I was intrigued if they were similar to the bear that we encountered during our journey towards the Lion lands. Not wanting to undertake this task alone, I asked my cousin Matsuhiro to acompany me to the watch tower and watch over me so that I may walk the spirit plane safely. After greeting the guards and asking for a quiet place to cast my spell, I made my way over the the pack of dogs in spirit form. When I approached the dogs, I sensed the anger in the dogs. As I got closer, one of the dogs took notice of me. It was very strange. I felt it’s anger shift to me and then it would turn around to face me. It then got close and I let it sniff me. I guess it didn’t really like me as it started to grow in size and howled. It then started running to my direction and the rest of the pack charged into the village. Luckily I had my cousin and the guards to defend me while I made my way back to my body. After defeating the dog with some injury to the guards, we quickly made our way into the village square to find the rest of the pack killing the Peasants. We managed to kill the rest of the pack with the help of a Crab and the Scorpion Tea House owner (even though he missed all his shots with his arrows). The Crab then barked out all who has been injured must go to the Kuni’s home to be treated. I guess this was in case of shadowlands taint.

During the dinner, it was mostly quiet due to the attack on the village. My uncle, (Matsuhiro’s father) somehow spilled tea over Ujina Riyo. Sozen then asks me to inspect a coin that he won bearing a strange symbol. Things did get interesting however when Matsuhiro and Sukune finally decided to settle their differences, with the urging of Ton, with a duel later that night after dinner. I was asked to distract the Shugenja if he was to come out to investigate what all the commotion was.

On the way to where the duel was to take place, one of Riyo-sama’s servant came to me and asked me to see their master as he has fallen asleep after drinking sake. I had the servant lead me to where was sleeping. There, the servants tells me that they have tried awaking him but he would wake. I then noticed that he only had 1 bottle of sake and found it strange because the previous night he had more then 3 bottles. That’s when I started to suspect foul play because I remember that during the spilled tea accident would be the perfect time to spike Riyo’s sake with GHB. I suspect it would most likely be the Ronin as I asked Riyo to keep an eye on him since I sensed that he had a nervousness different from everyone else during dinner the previous night. I then summoned the air kami to ask them what had transpired and found that they had just shown up as someone banished all kami from the dinning hall earlier. I quickly to ran to wake the Shugenja for assistance and warn him of the coming danger. After the Shugenja got dressed we ran towards the castle and ran into Matsuhiro and the others returning from the duel I would assume. The Shugenja told Sukune and Ton to alert the guards and he decided to float Matsuhiro and I to the top of the castle where the honor guards were. This was bad. I’m totally worn out from the races and the fight with the dogs. When we got up there, all the honor guards were dead. It appears that So was the only one to notice the attack but was still struck down. Upon closer inspection around the area where So was killed, I noticed glinting in the moon light. As I went closer to investigate (the ninja biscuit), somebody blew some kind of power into my eyes and blinded me. By the time I regained my vision all I saw was a figure and tried to strike at him but didn’t even come close. Suddenly, I was struck from behind. When I got up, I heard a wizzing noise and it turned out to be a line connected to the ground at the bottom and the assassin was sliding down the line. With that we lost the intruder.

As soon as I get back up to my feet, I’m going to rush towards the Lion story tellers room and see if the Ronin is gone. There is also the possibility that the Lion is not who he says as well.



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