L5R Hare Clan Campaign

Episode 3.5 - Tobai's Inquisition (Again)

Conclusion from episode 3:

Zenko was discovered as the ninja spy who killed Ujina So and the honor guard and stole the clan sword.
Matsu Junichi was held by the Hare clan for letting the ninja in.
Zenko is suspected of being an agent of the kolat group Crimson Spider.
Ujina Riyo was poisoned and still in a coma. An antidote for the poison will need to be found for it.
Usagi Hotaru and Usagi Masuhiro will be tasked with to ask the local arms dealers for the clan swords and also try and find a cure for Riyo locally.

Ideas to help:
-visit the local monestaries and see if they’ve heard anyone with similar symptoms.
-talk to uncle.

Usagi Tobei questioned us about the whole incident. Masuhiro lost honour for lying about the trip



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